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Add at least 2 GIFs to your collection to play

Tap to the beat
to set beats per minute (BPM)
Play the entire GIF on each beat
Play GIF forward,
then reversed in a loop
Play GIF beginning to end
OR end to beginning
Adjust GIF size
Click or tap corresponding key on keyboard to play GIF. Feeling lazy? Use [Return] to play a random GIF.
Return BPM 128 Snap To Beat Off Ping Pong Off Direction Zoom Fullscreen Advanced
Use your keyboard to mix the GIFs
  • back
  • q
  • w
  • e
  • r
  • t
  • y
  • a
  • s
  • d
  • f
  • g
  • h
  • random
  • z
  • x
  • c
  • v
  • autoplay
  • tap on beat to set tempo



GIF Jockey Help Guide

GIF Jockey is a VJ (Visual Jockey) application that lets you play GIFs at any tempo. VJs create and play visuals at concerts in sync with music. GIF Jockey makes it easy to use GIFs for visuals and lets you match tempo with the tap of a button.

The Collections Screen

Screenshot: Collections Screen

When you first start GIF Jockey, you are presented with the collections screen. You can click on one of the provided collections to load that set of GIFs, or click on "Create Your Own" to start with a blank set that you can fill yourself.

The Editor Screen

Screenshot: Editor Screen

Click on "Create Your Own" from the collections screen to go to the editor screen. On this screen, you can import GIFs into the 16 slots — these are the GIFs you'll be using when you start play mode. There's a lot you can do with this screen, so I'll cover each feature one by one.


Screenshot: Searching

Type keywords and click the magnifying glass to find GIFs from GIPHY. Search results will be presented underneath, 30 at a time. You can scroll through the search results and click "Load More" at the bottom to load more results. Click on any search result to load that GIF into the highlighted key slot above. Please be patient while a GIF is loading.


Click the chain link icon and paste a direct URL to any GIF on GIPHY. The GIF will be imported for you into the highlighted slot. You can use the URL of the GIF page or the file itself.


Click the upload icon to import GIFs from your hard drive(s). You can select multiple GIFs at a time. This is usually a very quick operation but please be patient if you are selecting multiple GIFs.

Screenshot: Uploading

You can also drag and drop GIFs from a Finder window directly onto the GIF Jockey window. A purple drop zone should appear when dragging GIFs.

Key controls

Each slot corresponds to a key on your keyboard. When in play mode, you will be able to use those keys to launch GIFs.

When a GIF is loaded into a slot, you can click the icon in the top right corner to remove that GIF and free up the slot.

Start Playing

Once you have successfully loaded at least 8 GIFs into the slots, you can click the white arrow on the bottom left to start play mode.

Note: you can also go back to the collections screen at any time by clicking the arrow in the top left or by pressing Backspace or Delete on your keyboard.

The Play Screen

Screenshot: Play Screen

From the play screen, press any of the 16 keys (Q-Y,A-H,Z-V) to play the GIF assigned to that key, or click the slots along the bottom. The current BPM is displayed in the top left of the screen & starts at the default value of 128. You can adjust the current BPM by pressing the arrow keys, or tap the spacebar in time with music to match it, or even click the BPM value.

GIF Jockey will play each GIF at a speed that is harmonic with the tempo. This is hard to explain but it makes a lot of sense when you actually see it in action. The alternative is "snapping," which you can toggle by clicking Snap or pressing 1. When spapping is turned on, the entire GIF will play on each beat. For some GIFs this is better (like short loops) but for other GIFs this will just look like a wild, fast mess.

You can toggle "ping pong" with 2. In ping pong mode, a GIF will play forwards, then backwards, and repeat. This is a great way to make GIFs look like they are looping perfectly. You can also change the direction of the GIF with 3, but it is not recommend to combine this with ping pong. Changing the direction of a GIF may seem like a gimmick but it's actually really cool to see Michael Jackson do a forward moonwalk, so try it sometime.

You can change the zoom level with 4. The default is fullscreen and the other options are original size and fit to screen. Different zoom levels will look best for different GIFs. The GIFs provided with the default collections are all formatted to look best at fullscreen.

Click Window > Enter Full Screen to let GIF Jockey take over your screen. You can plug a projector or TV to your computer and put on a show!

Click the keyboard icon or press 0 to toggle the on screen controls. You can click the controls even when they are invisible.

Click the shuffle button at the bottom right to select a random GIF. You can also click the white arrow to enter autoplay mode — a GIF will play for 8 beats and then another GIF will be randomly selected. Click the arrow again at any time to exit autoplay mode.

At any time you can stop playing and go back to the editor by pressing Backspace / Delete

Try it and see

The best way to learn GIF Jockey is to just play around with it and practice! You'll quickly find that it's the easiest and most fun way to do live visuals. Thank you for reading!

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